General Knowledge


  • Pseudo code is one of the tools that can be used to write a preliminary plan that can be developed into a computer program.
  • Pseudo code is a generic way of describing analgorithm without use of any specific programming language syntax.
  • It is, as the name suggests, pseudo code —it cannot be executed on a real computer, but it models and resembles real programming code, and is written at roughly the same level of detail.
  • Pseudo code is written more close to programming language.
  • It may be considered as augmented programming language, full of comments, and descriptions.
  • Pseudo code avoids variable declaration but they are written using some actual programming language’s constructs, like C, Fortran, Pascal, etc.
  • Pseudo code contains more programming details than Structured English.
  • It provides a method to perform the task, as if a computer is executing the code.
  • By nature,it exists in various forms, although most borrow syntax frompopular programming languages (like C, Lisp, or FORTRAN).
  • Natural language is usedwhenever details are unimportant or distracting.
  • Computer science textbooks often use pseudo code in their examples so that allprogrammers can understand them, even if they do not all know the same programminglanguages.
  • Many languages, such as Pascal, have a syntax that is almost identical to pseudo code and hence make the transition from design to coding extremely easy.